Sabtu, 9 April 2011

Isn't She's Beautiful?

She just like an angel to me.  Even though I've never met her, but I can imagine how wonderful she is, from her mother's story.  I love her so much...

Mizz Lydia - yes, you are "bootifull"....

I almost cry when I first time saw this picture - look at her eyes...

For me, she has a 'sad looking' face. And thats beautiful

Just look at her eyes...

And from her mother story, she just like to be a pretty girl, with all the girl stuff - make up, high heel, purse etc. I'm sure that one day, she is going to be a pretty girl, like her mother!!

Am I wright or not....????

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  1. Hi,
    I came across from Sweden to Malaysia, accidentally §:-)

    Cool blog... although I don't understand Bahasa. Well, some words, though.

    Happy w/end.


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